Setup instructions for GT30, GT30i (GT30X), GT60, VT300 and VT310

1. If you are not registered yet, make your web registration here.


2. Add new device from device settings page (Settings->Devices)

Program guidelines.


3. Select the right device type and model which you have. If you have device without memory storage (GT30, GT60, VT300) its recommend to set "Send Interval" to value about 2-10min. This will be the period in witch one position will be send to server and store depending of other parameters. Too small values of this parameter will cause bigger GPRS transfer.

Program guidelines.


4. Remember your device ID or write it down, you will need it in next step. The device ID can be seen after save, on device settings page.

For the rest install steps you will need cell phone or any PC tool for SMS sending.

Program guidelines.


5. Set device ID by SMS. Change in the example the device ID with yours. Send the SMS to the phone number which have the SIM card inserted in your device.
Command: W<password>,010,Tracker ID
Note: Tracker ID must be less than 14 digits.
Example: W000000,010,2726
The device will then reply an SMS (‘Set SIM OK/120’) to confirm this setting.


6. Set APN by SMS. Your GSM network provider should provide you the necessary informatin for the access point name (APN) and password.
Command: W<password>,011, APN Name, APN Password
Note: If no password required, input APN name only.
Example: W000000,011,,gprs
The device will reply an SMS (like ‘Set APN OK /CMNET’) to confirm this setting.


7. Set Server IP Address and Port by SMS. Our server IP is and the port number is 8550
Command: W<password>,012,IP,PORT
Example: W000000,012,,8550
The divice will then reply an SMS (‘Set IP ok /’) to confirm this setting.


8. Set Time Interval for Sending GPRS Package. This parameter can be defined latter also from the web site.
Command: W<password>,014,time interval(in unit of 10 seconds)
Example: W000000,014,00012
Device will send a GPRS package every 120 seconds


9. Enable GPRS Function
Command: W<password>,013,X
Example: W000000,013,1
The device will response an SMS to confirm this setting.
Notes: The default setting is GPRS disable. If you want to disabled it you have to send the same command with last parameter equal to 0.